Since 1977 the company PROPAGANDA Zurich Inc has been advertising and placing posters in Zurich and all over Switzerland. The founder Sandro Galli personally placarded and distributed flyers as a cultural manager over 22 years. Impressed by the high street presence of his posters, multiple companies of cultural and commercial background soon became aware of his advertising media.

In the early 90’s after various successful projects for national and international enterprises our CEO as an alumni and former worker at the ETH Zurich found with Campus Advertisement a specific way to reach students. Shortly after, enterprises recognised the benefits of Campus Ad. The way of targeted media to reach young people quickly became a success.


Today Campus Ad “Hochschulwerbung” established itself to an efficient and effective way to reach young opinion leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow with a modest budget. But we don’t just spread your advertisement in universities, we also reach your target group in colleges, high schools, vocational and business schools as well as in secondary schools.

PROPAGANDA AG is Switzerland’s leader in ambient media, BTL, Out-of-home and guerrilla marketing. Our very efficient network of best placed locations spreads all over Switzerland.